Healthy Done Better was created by Eric Sobczak who grew up in the area where he has founded the first location. Eric at one point had reached in excess of 400 lbs and had Type 2 diabetes and things weren’t looking good. When doctors began putting him on medication and suggesting partial measures Eric instead decided he had to solve the problem. And rather than go on a diet he started to look at every way he could solve the problem.

The result was that Eric amazed doctors, family and friends, losing 165 lbs and curing his type 2 diabetes. He found new understanding of foods, eating, and even the body’s tendency to not want to lose weight. In the process he realized there was a problem in terms of the ease of eating properly and the availability of healthier foods.

Accordingly he founded Healthy Done Better, a brand intended to make it easier to eat better. Founded around the themes of lower sugar, lower sodium, higher fiber, spices for health, and healthy fats. What some might refer to as “glycemicly aware” eating. The original location is at 5871 Harvey St. Norton Shores, MI 49444 the first of hopefully many that help people eat healthy easier.

Healthy Done Better has launched product lines involving:

  • Spices, Grains, Beans, Nuts
  • Balsamics and Olive Oils
  • Real Maple Syrups with Spices
  • Raw Honey with Spices
  • Whole Bean Coffees
  • Goat and Yogurt Milk Soaps
  • With a Range of Additional Products Soon to Be Announced