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Avocado Milk has arrived!

Avocado Milk has arrived!

The milk with two superfoods together that tastes amazing. Personal serving size or full size. Find out why it won “Winner of Food Innovation Awards for 2020”. Again Healthy Done Better bringing you this and many other better options. But I’ll be honest we need your support to survive. Every person makes a difference for …

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Have you tried OATGURT?

Have you tried OATGURT?

PLANT-BASED YOGURT Scandinavian style. (Dairy Free) At Healthy Done Better we’ve got it, let us know which one’s you like. We are here to give you better food choices if you want them. GIFT CERTIFICATES always available. Please LIKE and SHARE when you can. We are the best thing you could SHARE all day with …

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Full Green Plant Based Products

Find out how good plant based can get.

We have options for morning, lunch, or any time of day. Plant based means more than salads in so many ways these days. Come check us out Healthy Done Better and find out how you now have better choices locally or through our website. Stop in or shop online.

Who knows what Nutritional Yeast is and what it’s good for?

Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that is a popular vegan food product. It has a cheesy, nutty, and savory flavor and is often used to give vegan food a cheesy flavor. Nutritional yeast is said to boost energy, protect against cell damage (aka cancer) and lower cholesterol. It’s typically fortified with Vitamin B12, so …

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