What is Your Heat Level?!

Different Heat Level Hot Sauces by Bravado Spice Co

We have hot sauces for everyone. We have super hot to barely hot. We have hot sauce made with avocado oil and we have hot sauce made with apple cider vinegar. We have fruity hot sauce and we have traditional hot sauce. We are sure to have a hot sauce for you.

Adding hot sauce to your meals can be very beneficial. The capsaicin in many peppers has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Because hot sauce is almost always made with peppers, it contains vitamin C, which is good for your immunity. Plus, adding some heat can help increase your metabolism and get your body burning calories faster. Many people believe it can help aid weight loss.

Spice up your life and add some hot sauce to your diet, its good for your body 🙂

Siete Hot Sauce Variety