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Before and After

Eric Sobczak grew up in Michigan, the eldest of 5 kids, son of loving parents, a typical American with a love of pizza, cola’s and a wide variety of foods. He founded a couple of Internet technology companies and fell into traditional bad habits where eating was concerned.

Over time following many years of business and a divorce Eric’s weight ballooned to 400 lbs. His sleep deteriorated to bad levels where he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, was determined to have very high blood sugar with an A1C in excess of 12, and determination of Type 2 Diabetes. Correspondingly with the great likelihood of moving into full blown type 1 diabetes, doctors started recommending medications, monitoring, and partial measures to hopefully make some progress versus these problems.

Eric instead decided like many problems he had solved in his technology career he would solve this problem and make a change in his lifestyle rather than go on a diet and hope for the best. He started under the premise that no one thing was going to be the magic bullet and to attack the problem he had to attack it in every way he could.

Since his most immediate problem was one of blood sugar levels being destructive to his body, he decided he must look at things that would affect this in every way. It turns out being forced in this direction was a blessing that led to insight and understanding. That so much about how the body works come down to the body’s handling of blood sugar levels. Our using of energy, storing of energy, our body’s ability to deal with excess energy and the cycles of this process. Though perhaps one of the biggest insights was the understanding of insulin response to what goes on in these cycles and the body’s ability to use energy when not triggered to store it.

So he looked at:

  • What foods had the least impact on blood sugar.
  • What foods helped with blood sugar levels.
  • What activities helped with blood sugar levels.
  • How did when you eat play into blood sugar levels.
  • How did insulin levels and blood sugar levels work together.
  • How did inflammation affect the body’s ability to function.
  • How did sodium affect the body’s ability to function.
  • How did fiber affect the body’s ability to function.
  • How did healthy fats play into the body’s health and blood sugar levels.
  • How could he take responsibility for his eating and understand it’s affects.

So he started attacking his problem with an evolving understanding of these things and the assumption that he could always learn more and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The results began to be dramatic losing 165 lbs in 15 months or less. He cured his Type 2 diabetes, cured his sleep problems, went from 3XL to L and has control of his weight and health levels without problems these days as a result of new understanding.

In the course of all this he realized how hard it was to eat healthy even when trying to do so. That while there were some good products, so many products could be better, and it was so hard to sort out the healthy products from so many lesser products.

So he thought what if I could create an eatery and market that made it easy to eat healthy all in one place he could help more people and share what he had learned.