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What Is It? Why Is It Good? Why Is It Bad? What You Need To Know About BHB Powder.

BHB is the abbreviation for Beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is a ketone that the body uses for fuel when glucose levels are low. A ketone is an energy molecule created from fat whereas glucose is an energy molecule created from carbohydrates. Ketones and glucose are two forms of fuel for the body. So if you are following a Keto diet where your carb intake is low, then your body enters ketosis where it burns ketones as its primary source of energy rather then glucose. [1]

BHB Powder is an extraneous ketone, meaning it came from external factors outside of the body. BHB Powder tends to be popular because it is known to generally stimulate ketone production and help the body reach ketosis faster. Reaching ketosis faster means you will start burning fat sooner, which who wouldn’t want. [1] BHB powder, and BHB supplements in general, are especially popular with those beginning the Keto diet (low carb, high fat diet). Most of the time there is an adjustment period for the body to adjust or switch from burning carbs to burning fat, and it can be somewhat rough. Using BHB powder can ease the transition because it essentially introduces ketones into the body and initiates the burning of ketones faster. It also increases overall energy levels for individuals who may feel fatigued due to the lack of carbs and, typically, decreased calories. [2] Plus, BHB powder can be used if there is a slip up while on the Keto diet and you eat a non-keto friendly snack or meal. Taking it will help maintain the burning of fat rather than falling back to burning carbohydrates.

One can see how using BHB powder can appear to be a good, helpful thing; however, that is not necessarily the case. For one, BHB is usually paired to a mineral salt like sodium, so it tends to affect blood pressure. [1] It also tastes unpleasant and can be expensive. Most importantly, though, it works against the fundamental change in eating habits that are in reality needed by the individuals who are undergoing the Keto diet. People falsely believe BHB powder is a quick fix, easy burn fat get thin solution, but it definitely is not. Though it can in ways enhance the Keto diet, you must still put in the work, you still have to make those key dietary changes.