Do You Need A Grow Light to Grow Microgreens at Home?

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You definitely do not NEED a grow light; however, if you are a beginner it would help and make it easier. If you are not using a grow light, be sure to be growing where there is a good amount of direct sunlight. A south-facing window tends to be best if you are using natural sunlight to grow microgreens. If you are using a grow light, try to use an LED grow light.

Certain seeds do better in natural sunlight versus an artificial grow light. For instance, darker greens like broccoli or kale would be better for growing in sunlight whereas mung bean or lentils would be fine without natural sunlight. Microgreens, once they have started to sprout, need to be exposed to light for 4-8 hours a day.

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Pea Microgreens Being Grown (in-store) Under a Pink LED Grow Light