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While the FDA Deems Sucralose Safe Many Health Studies Indicate Otherwise.

A published study found in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health reports that sucralose negatively impacts the gut microbiome. [1] Sucralose is an artificial sweetener, meaning it was created by humans. The human body had never processed sucralose before it was created, thus it is not inherently broken down by the body. Sucralose is left undigested until it reaches the large intestine where good microbes exist and try to engulf it. [2] The study indicates that the unmetabolizable sucralose tends to wipe out a large number of good microbes. If this artificial sweetener is apart of your diet, you are killing healthy immune-supporting and body regulating microbes… not good!

Another study, published by the American Diabetes Association, found that sucralose raises blood glucose and insulin levels. It also decreases insulin sensitivity, which means your cells are less responsive to insulin, leading to diabetes. [3] So for those very people who are trying to avoid too much sugar consumption by using sucralose as an alternative, they are essentially not actually doing any better for their body. Plus, sucralose consumption increases the risk of obesity, according to the Endocrine Society. Researchers have found that sucralose increases GLUT4 in cells, which promotes the accumulation of fat. [4]

In addition, baking with sucralose can be detrimental. A study, printed in the renowned journal Food Chemistry, has found that heating sucralose can create chloropropanols, especially when above 20°C or when glycerol (a compound found in fat) is present. Chloropropanol is a harmful substance that is known to increase risk of cancer. [5]

Sucralose is not as good for you as many people are lead to believe. Regular use of sucralose can lead to dangerous health concerns. I recommend avoiding it as much as possible. Instead, try using stevia or monk fruit or coconut sugar or even a little raw honey — all of these are natural sugars; hence, better for your body.