Healthy Done Better was created by Eric Sobczak a current resident of Grand Haven, MI after his experience solving his chronic obesity and realizing even when trying to eat healthy, it is so difficult to find truly healthy food choices.

In examining the availability of foods multiple things were identified.

  1. Foods presented as healthy at restaurants often weren’t for many reasons including too much sugar, salt, bad fats, and nutrient value.
  2. That grocery stores had a scattering of healthy foods but little concentration of truly healthy foods aside from produce. That many of the offerings are supplemented by sugar and salt for the purpose of making food more appealing without much consideration to their impact and real nutrition.
  3. That health food stores even offer a lot of products that would be less ideal for many people. That their standards around prioritizing organic over other considerations sometimes are not enough.
  4. That in order to have truly ideal choices, it might be necessary to create a range of our own products.
  5. That if we create a healthy foods store to aggregate healthy offerings and if we could have a kitchen space to incubate further healthy offerings we might make it easier for people to eat healthy.

Accordingly in examining the experience of Eric it was determined that a number of key factors in food seemed to be prevalent. If you first looked at things from a glycemic perspective the following was true.

The following things keep blood sugar from spiking when consuming food:

  1. Lower sugar in foods
  2. Fats
  3. Fiber
  4. Protein

That the foods consumed, the complexity of sugars, and spices really matter.

That inflammation in many ways can be the biggest impact on body function, longevity, and the ability of the body to handle adverse circumstances.

So Eric established the following standards.


Lower Sugar

Sugar in it’s many forms if not kept at reasonable to lower levels causes inflammation and elevates blood sugar levels in the body in ways that do not allow the body to function at it’s best.

Lower Sodium

Sodium is used like a crutch in many foods with the excuse of bringing flavor to foods and is detrimental to people in terms of inflammation and it’s impacts on the bodys function and that if people reduced sodium levels the body could function better.

Higher Fiber

Especially with processed foods but in some cases foods in general don’t always have enough fiber to truly facilitate good gut health and function of the body as well as a moderating factor for digestion. Accordingly increasing fiber consumption would benefit the body multiple ways.

Spices for Health

A variety of spices have been shown to have such positive effects for health that they should be more actively a part of food considerations, and that if used in place of sugar and salt they might in some cases improve flavor with the opportunity to keep these at reasonable levels.

Healthy Fats

That more recently it has been determined that fat in general is very much less an enemy in the absence of sugars that cause it to be more readily stored. That healthy fats in fact offset bad fats, and are more contributory to the proper functioning of the body. Accordingly if healthy fats could be increased especially if they could be substituted for bad fats they would benefit the body in many ways.

The unofficial standard “Protein”

After reading the above probably one of the big questions would be why isn’t protein listed as a standard as well? And while in many ways it probably should be, protein is a little bit of a complex issue, because there are many sources of protein, and the source and content really matters. And so to just say protein yes or protein no like the other things was hard to make as a standard. So here’s a quick one on how it break down a bit

  1. Protein where animal based is much more beneficial when natural and grass fed and that it very much matters what animals consume.
  2. That animal protein offerings often are offered with high levels of sodium and things that are less ideal for the body to be consuming.
  3. That animal fats at high levels probably aren’t good but aren’t inherently bad.
  4. Forms of protein are good building blocks for the body and there are more forms of non-animal protein that should be considered and included in the diet.

The other unofficial goal “Decreased Inflammation”

Things that could be be done to decrease inflammation help the body function and achieve any health goals.