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    Organic Coriander Seeds


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    Whole Organic Coriander Seeds
    Benefits of Coriander Seeds
    1.Beautiful Skin-quite effective in curing different skin ailments like eczema, itchy skin,
    rashes and inflammation as they have antiseptic properties.
    2. Helps Tackle Diabetes-it was found that the extracts from coriander seeds have certain
    compounds that when discharged into the blood caused anti-hyperglycaemic,insulin discharging
    and insulin like movement that held one’s glucose levels within proper limits.
    3.Facilitates Hair Growth-prevent hair fall and invigorate the roots for the development of new hair.
    4. Better digestion-5.Keeps a Check on Cholesterol-6.Cure for Cold and Flu-7.Prevents Menstrual Irregularities

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    Native to Southern Europe as well as the Middle and Far East, this ancient annual herb, a member of the carrot family, is one of the most popular herbs in cuisine around the world. The root is widely used in Thai curries and other Southeast Asian dishes. The leaves are favored in cuisines throughout the Middle East, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico. In Northern Europe, where the seeds have always been more popular than the leaves, seeds are used for flavoring gin or as an ingredient in pickling spices. Use in soups, stews, curries, stir fries, pickling spices and with melted butter on fish and poultry meat


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