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Organic Black Eyed Peas (1 lb)


Weight Loss Wonders,Important Vitamins and Minerals for Health
Heart Health-They contain physoterols.Power of Protein, Helps Combat Anemia,
Helps Decrease Risk of Pancreatic Cancer.Regulates Blood Pressure
Helps Keep Diabetics on An Even Reduces Indigestion. Keeps Your Bones Strong.
Keeping Your Nervous System Healthy.Strengthens Eye Tissue
Helping Babies Before They Are Born.

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Health benefits if Black-eyed Peas include weight-loss wonders, contains important vitamins and minerals for health, heart health, power of protein, helps combat anemia, helps decrease risk of pancreatic cancer, helps keep diabetics on an even keel, regulates blood pressure, keeps your bones strong, keeping your nervous system healthy, reduces indigestion, and strengthens eye tissue.


Healthy Done Better

Healthy Done Better is a healthy foods and solutions company making it easier for the world to eat healthy. Let us help you today. With our emphasis on my glycemicly friendly food and especially options with lower sugar, lower sodium, higher fiber, spices for health, healthy fats, and healthy protein. Eating Healthy Done Better products will help you live better.


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