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Pea Microgreens are a Rich Source of Vitamin C,
Iron in Pea Microgreens Can Prevent Deficiency and Anemia,
Pea Sprouts are High in Protein, Phytoestrogens in Pea Sprouts
may Prevent Cancer and Other Serious Diseases.

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Pea Microgreens are a Rich Source of Vitamin C
A single cup of pea microgreens can provide 50% of an adult’s recommended daily Vitamin C allowance. This essential vitamin can help to protect an immune system that is depleted from stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, or obesity.

Vitamin C can also reduce the risk of infections and pneumonia when suffering from the common cold, and higher concentrations of Vitamin C in the blood can even help to lower the risk of stroke. Early research shows that Vitamin C can reduce the risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular disease, which is possibly linked to the anti-inflammatory properties of the vitamin [3].

Health professionals recommend that Vitamin C is taken naturally from ingredients that are only lightly cooked or consumed raw, making pea microgreens a perfect daily source.

Other benefits of Vitamin C include:

Reduction in macular degeneration that leads to eye disorders.
Speedier wound healing.
Reduction in asthma symptoms caused by air pollution.
Better processing of glucose and insulin.
Promotes neurotransmitter production which could help to regulate mood.


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